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Enhance your business and creates new environments with TSH Service!


Enhance your business and creates new environments with TSH Service!

Sliding glass doors, glass walls totally disappearing are the ideal choice for cottages, hotels, restaurants and bars that want to use outdoor space even in the coldest months. The total transparency of our panels ensures the best possible brightness throughout the year, without depriving the local outdoor view, keeping warm and dry in winter. We produce windows with clear float tempered 10mm that also guarantee a noise reduction of up to 17dB, solving the problem of ambient noise without unsightly noise barriers.

Watch the video of VERTICAL the new product by Weese designed for all the bars, restaurants, hotels who want to ensure the entertainment of their customers even in case of bad weather.

We are a company that operates in North West Italy and Côte d'Azur, exclusive partner of the Group Weese, the market leader for innovative and technological solutions for the outdoors.

TSH Service is the right answer to protect the open spaces of your business or your home with stained glass folding doors, sliding glass walls or fixtures views.

Our solutions can be an opportunity to give a new look to your business, to revalue the spaces in winter providing shelter applicable or removable effortlessly.

If you are interested and want to contact us for a free inspection visit our page at www.tshservice.com or check out our Facebook page.

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