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Cascina Iuli

Cerrina Monferrato

In the village the elderly still call it "la Corte," a name that evokes the large, central courtyard of the building. The villagers do not necessarily know or understand its architectural history: they simply use that name as a tribute to the elegance and importance of the place.

The large farmhouse, built at the end of the XVII Century, still towers and sternly watches over the wild scenery of magnificent Monferrato of raw, untame splendour. Here, in this corner of Monferrato, everything has remained unspoiled, exactly as it was a hundred years ago.

At dusk, watching the hills and the vineyeard from the windows of the house, one feels the overwhelming presence of what the Italian writer Cesare Pavese once called "the myth" .

Useful information

City: Cerrina Monferrato
Province: AL
Address: Via Centrale, 27 - Montaldo di Cerrina
ZIP: 15020
Phone: +39 338 2566139
Web site: www.iuli.it