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Tenuta Montemagno


Their ancient walls tell of the history and traditions of the true Monferrato. The first documents that give testimony to its existence go back to the Napoleonic period. Then, as now, it was a place dedicated to the cultivation of the most prised vineyards of the area.

And like a good wine preserves its secrets in time, to then donate it to us, the farmhouse does the same and presents us it ancient splendours, also thanks to a consistent restoration work executed with the passion a craftsman.

Its vines, cellar, rooms and lounges: nothing is left to chance. Every detail is cared for while respecting the art of hospitality and good living, to give the visitor a unique experience and unforgettable experience. All this is called Tenuta Montemagno Estate: a place created following simple but often elusive value: that of beauty.

Useful information

City: Montemagno
Province: AT
Address: Via Cascina Valfossato, 9
ZIP: 14030
Phone: +39 0141 63624
Web site: www.tenutamontemagno.it