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La Commedia della Pentola

Lu Monferrato

Entering to the farmhouse It is hosted the Restaurant "La Commedia della Pentola" you find Vilma, passionate cook who welcomes you to house. It is immediate the perception of femininity and testing spread all over the venue. Stone walls, typical bricks of the territory ceiling and many objects back from the past on tables. You can't be indifferent to the softening tones plays, it seems like colours are enveloped from delicate fog. This result is due to a light white colour on bricks, stones or chandeliers which apparently gives an anvarying ambient. Flowers decorated tablecloths, hand painted with roses dishes cover each table of the Restaurant. Ospitality is given with three comfortable rooms coherent to ambient.

The venue is closed on Monday, opening  from Tuesday to Friday only evening -  groups and brunch meetings (only booking), Saturday and Sunday open all day.


Useful information

City: Lu Monferrato
Province: AL
Address: Frazione Borghina, 1
ZIP: 15040
Phone: +39 0131 741706
Mobile: +39 339 2710282
Web site: www.lacommediadellapentola.it