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I Vicini di Cesare

Castelnuovo Calcea

A true Agritourism where you can spend a pleasant and relaxing day in Piedmont, amidst the greenery of the Asti hills, along trails and vines, while savoring wholesome specialties from Piedmont, cooked the old-fashioned way, using produce straight from our vegetable garden, or the fine wines from our cellar.

Homely atmosphere, peace and quiet, countryside.
“I vicini di Cesare”Agritourism was born out of our love for simple things.
Those things which are not so simple to find anymore.
“I vicini di Cesare”Agritourismis located in Castelnuovo Calcea, in the Asti province, Piedmont, italy.
At n°11 in the village of Persiore you will find a farmhouse that was once a convent; there are no entry phones to ring or gates that will open automatically, but there's a small green door with a little bell.
If you ring it, we will be happy to welcome you inside to share our daily life with you for one or more days.

Useful information

City: Castelnuovo Calcea
Province: AL
Address: Località Via Persiora, 11
ZIP: 14040
Mobile: +39 340 7579886
Web site: www.ivicinidicesare.it