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Azienda Agricola Canato Marco

Vignale Monferrato

The " Canato Factory Farm" is located along the gentle Monferrato's hills. The farm has ancient hystorical tradition; in the eighteenth century The San Bartolomeo Monastry'  Sisters were the owner of the farm later property passed to P.G.Caravadossi Casale Monferrato's bishop and in the 50' the Canato was tenant farming and later the family decided to buy it as they do believed on potentiality of the site. Nowdays Marco e Roberto Canato has still running the farm with real passion on these 13 hectares, where vineyards grown based on traditonal method in order to produce high quality of grape and wine too with distinctive and typical characteristic of the Monferrato territory.


Useful information

City: Vignale Monferrato
Province: AL
Address: Cà Baldea, 19/3
ZIP: 15049
Phone: +39 0142 933653
Mobile: +39 340 9193882
Web site: www.canatovini.it