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5 Chimneys

Mombello Monferrato

Come In As Guests, Leave As Family!

Come and enjoy ITALY like never before!... immerse yourself and experience the beauty, the warmth, the food, the folklore and discover new places out of the ordinary. Introducing you to the Monferrato area is not simple. The charm of this hidden jewel is in its vineyards, in the harmony of its hills, in the unspoiled and spectacular vistas and back roads. The itineraries that we propose are therefore simple suggestions. We invite you to abandon your stress, your canned tour ideas, yourself, and enjoy the colors of the Monferrato. Most of all become one of us. We invite you to share and experience Italian life with us as your guides. As part of our service we provide trasportation to & from Milan Malpensa Airport, you have freedom of choice to be with us and take advantage of our tours or, select to stay as a guest for a day or two. The choice is yours, all you do is write to us and we'll do the rest.

Useful information

City: Mombello Monferrato
Province: AL
Address: Via Biliani, 147 - Fraz. Pozzengo
ZIP: 15020
Phone: +39 0142 944199
Mobile: +39 347 7383033
Web site: www.5chimney-bb.com